Signal problems


    I have a iPhone X 256g when I’m at home my phone have 1bar signa and when I’m outside I have 2 my are code is 91950

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      • em_just_helping

        Re: Signal problems

        According to the map, they have coverage there


        4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile


        Give them a ring to check for down time or repairs, and if all else fails, they'll help you with a signal booster (you pay the shipping only)

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Signal problems

          I am not seeing any outages at a high level there. I do see some modernization though which can translate into a couple days of degraded signal. When did this start?

          • redstar_opal

            Re: Signal problems

            I have an X as well 64gb. 12.0.1 and ever since I updated to 12 my signals have been very weak. I never have more than 2 bars. Also my WiFi networks dont stay connected for longer than 5 minutes.

            I've reinserted my SIM, toggled airplane mode on/off, rest network settings, reset setting and then finally reset phone and wiped it and reinstalled. I turned WiFi assist off, checked if tmobile has a carrier update but they didn't. Confirmed cellular data settings set to voice and data. Still no solution. I rarely get a decent signal. I have several friends that report the same issue since updating to 12.


            Issue occurs where ever I am in LA County. This started once I installed update 12.0.

            Anyone else still having this issue? Anyone else update to latest 12.1 and issue was resolved?