spotty coverage and slow data - Billings, MT area


    hello everyone, i recently switched my phone from ATT to T-MO in the Billings downtown area. it has been around a year since they claimed to "turn on" the towers around the state. i'm running a oneplus 3 A3000 USA model that supports band 12 (which i am picking up). i have VOlte on and working. the big problem i am having is basically a bad signal all around town. i very rarely get more than 2 bars and 1meg of internet speed. in the middle of the day, i cannot load a webpage. i am posting late at night right now, as it is the only time i can get enough bandwidth to post or load a page. is this normal for a newer t-mo network being rolled out still? anyone from my area, or who knows about this, should let me know! All apn settings are correct. I am considering going back to ma bell if things can't improve... please let me know if this is worth keeping while living in Billings.



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