I think my LG V10 is bricked


    My phone is LG V10 H901 t-mobile. It was initially android version 5 lollipop..


    I connected it to LG-Bridge which indicated it had an update of 6.0. So I went ahead with the update process.


    While it was at the download step of a file that was around 1.8 GB, I fell asleep to wait for it to finish up,,


    When I woke up, I found the download done but then there was a problem. My phone was completely off and the Lg-Bridge indicated it was not connected anymore. I tried to power it on, tried to connect it to the charger but the phone was not responding.

    however when i connect it to a computer, a USB connection is established and in the device manager, under ports, this message is shown when i connect "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM5)"


    Kindly, I really need help in fixing it. Anyone please?


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