Incapsula Error Code 16 - Access Denied T-Mobile.Com


    When visiting I get the error code below:

    Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.52.06 AM.png



    I am not using a VPN or Proxy on my end. To be clear, I've never had issue until I visited from a public hotspot near my home. When I returned home (literally 5 minutes later) I started getting the Incapsula "access denied" warning. Incapsula won't whitelist my IP address without being contacted by T-Mobile first.


    Any help would be much appreciated. I've already spent close to an hour on the phone with various T-Mobile technicians with the final response being to Tweet John directly which is totally unsatisfactory. 

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      • tmo_chris

        I have never actually seen this before! Have you tried deleting that public hotspot from your networks?

          • magenta00000

            Thanks for following up.


            Two other individuals have had the same issue in the spring of this year and can be found by searching this community. I tried reaching out to them, but I haven't heard if they were able to get it resolved. 


            It's definitely a block of my home IP address.  Any device that connect to my Home network (even ones which never connected to the public hotspot) are seeing the same message. If I disconnect from my Home WiFi Network, and use my Cell service connection on my phone I have no issues visiting


            I've been trying to get in contact with "'s" site administrators as I'm fairly certain they are the only ones capable of getting this worked out. But there contact information is not public facing nor can any of the T-Mobile phone support reps transfer me to someone from that department.


            My assumption is, because I visited "" from the Hotspot and then almost immediately from my Home WiFi Network the automated system thought I was intending on doing something malicious (possible a ddos attack?). 


            This is direct from  Incapsula's website (the filtering service utilized on

            Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.05.52 PM.png