Cellular Data Usage Accounting


    Posted my issue on another thread. Received no reply.


    My prepaid plan includes 5 GB data. The phone's total cellular data usage for

    the last 30-day billing cycle was higher than usual though I had been using

    the phone less. In fact, it indicated more than 5 GB before the end of the cycle.

    The account info online showed less than 5 GB which was typical since it always

    seemed to lag the phone info by some number of days. When the cycle rolled over

    there was an unusually high amount of data use shown on the first day.

    Background data for almost all app's was then turned off and it was

    confirmed that there was then very little background data used. I do very little

    streaming with cellular data since it burns data too fast. Binge-On was enabled

    at one time but now it doesn't show anything to that effect in my account info.

    I never saw a difference anyway.


    Called *611 twice. Both calls a total waste of time. The first time the rep

    reconnected my phone to the network. The next time the rep tried to tell me the

    problem was that I was leaving cellular date enabled while using Wi-Fi so the

    Wi-Fi usage was counted in the cellular total.


    Went to my local T-Mobile store. The sales person said that I needed to upgrade

    to a plan with 10 GB. No help whatsoever on how to resolve a technical issue.


    So far my experience is what is referred to as "customer no service."


    So, I performed a little experiment. Since most of my cellular data usage was

    from using the Android version of the Chrome browser on the phone I determined

    the size of two web pages which normally I check daily. Those two are regular

    WordPress blog pages. The first page was then 623 KB in size. When this page was

    displayed using the Chrome browser the cellular data usage incremented by 10 MB!

    I then clicked on the comments page for the first article on the page. That page

    was then 491 KB. Again, the cellular data usage shown incremented by 10 MB. So

    for a total of 1.1 MB of data actually downloaded my account was apparently

    docked for 20 MB!. The cumulative data received counter on the phone incremented

    by 13,919 KB for the first page and 983 KB for the second. The data sent counter

    incremented by 670 KB for the first page and 662 KB for the second. There is some

    kind of weird arithmetic going on.


    The data usage on my account now tracks closely with the phone. Sometimes it

    shows more than is shown on the phone probably due to rounding. That has never

    happened before. I looks like the data usage accounting has changed in the last

    month or so and someone made a dumb programming error. Of course, there is a

    less benign interpretation.


    When I started with T-Mobile nearly three years ago customer service wasn't bad.

    Apparently things have changed. That's what can happen when top management is

    more concerned with wheeling and dealing than running the business.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Cellular Data Usage Accounting

        Hey exk 


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community Usage activity is usually pretty straight forward because the network will only record the amount that your SIM card is requesting from the network.


        The usage meter on the phone may not be as accurate since the network tracks everything and the phone may not. As for disputing the usage, we do not have access to user accounts here on a community forum so we cannot see your usage and associate it with your SIM card. I sincerely apologize that your calls to our care teams have not been the best experiences but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and see your usage and open a support ticket if there is a discrepancy.