A bit of a C.S. rant...


    I was talking to some T-Mo reps at an event in Cambridge MA

    last weekend, where they were staffing one of the roving

    display trucks.  One of the reps and I got into a bit of

    technical discussion about wi-fi calling compatibility, and

    as an aside I expressed the difficulty of reaching truly

    technical support people when I had questions that only

    they would be qualified to answer.  He went into a fairly

    long and apologetic description insisting that many beneficial

    changes are afoot regarding T-Mo customer service overall.


    First, he said, calls to 611 or the 800 number(s) are going

    to stay domestic, routed primarily to US call centers, and that

    it's been in effect like that for two or three months.  However,

    that has *not* been my experience only within the last couple of

    weeks -- I've consistently landed at offshore callcenters where

    reps clearly work from canned scripts and cannot seem to think

    a problem through, are difficult to understand due to heavy

    accents, and the more I encounter that the less appreciative

    I am of it.  The people in the Phillipines, I think it is, are

    the most annoying because they spend far too much time apologizing

    for every "inconvenience" they can think of rather than actually

    listening to and dealing with whatever problem I'm trying to

    describe.  It may be a cultural thing with them, but it does

    no useful good in a customer-service context -- expecially after

    you've sat through 20+ minutes on hold in a queue that keeps

    issuing canned excuses about "due to high call volume".


    You could probably say this about almost any company's customer

    service facility nowadays.  Here's T-Mo's chance to take a true

    lead in reversing that trend.


    Cut the excuses, and STAFF UP those US callcenters to meet

    the actual, day-to-day real life DEMAND you're getting on them.

    Staff them with well trained and technically-adept people who know

    the difference between an app and an APN.  Give them the right

    information to forward calls to genuine engineering staff, to

    answer deep technical questions.  Get them to be unafraid of

    escalating calls when their own knowledge is exceeded, and to

    not try and stonewall customers in the process.  Remind them

    that "service" is something that they can't necessarily provide

    directly all the time, but should know when and how to point to good

    resources to achieve.  Remember that you're a "*team* of experts",

    not individuals who feel some face-saving need to sound authoritative

    for what they don't know.  That just wastes everybody's time.


    Some of us NEED a short path to engineering-level personnel,

    because we have hard questions.  It's time to accomodate that.


    By the way, it is disingenuous to keep suggesting to contact

    "T-Force" only via facebook or twitter.  Some of us don't *do*

    FB or twitter and aren't about to, and denying access to

    additional resources just because of that is discriminatory.

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      • dc5fan

        Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

        Wow! That sure was a mouthful. I have been a customer for over a year now. There have been times that a Fillipino-sounding CS agent has over-apologized if something has gone wrong. I just tell them there's no need to apologise, and I move on. I have yet to talk with one where I could not understand him/her. I have had more problems with a 3rd party T-Mobile store than the CS agents. The 3rd party people don't get NEAR the training that the corporate stores.


        Since I have a Pay As You Go account I can't use T-Force. I don't do the Social Media thing, and I read Google closed Google + due to some accounts getting hacked. Getting some help here in this Community seems mostly to help me with any problems that come my way. Just wanted to chime in with my experiences here.

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        • magentatechie

          Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

          You definitely make some good points.  And I can agree how frustrating it can be when you hear "I'm sorry" over and over without a feasible resolution.  I hate that it sounds canned, but like any job, there are specific touches that are required on every call, empathy, apology, etc, but also responsibility.  When you call in with an issue, the rep needs to display ownership of the problem and I'm sorry this hasn't been your experience. (Seriously not trying to "be that guy" now, but I really do feel bad that you've had such poor experiences.)


          I definitely hate that you haven't reached your domestic Team of Experts.  If you don't mind me asking, are you prepaid or postpaid?  Also, when are you trying to call?  I'll give you an example, my Team of Experts is available M-F from 7am-9pm, S-Su from 9am-9pm.  If I need help outside those hours, I know I'm headed straight for the Philippines.  Not that I've had many poor experiences with the overseas reps, but if I can help it I make sure to reach out during the regular business hours.

            • magentatechie

              Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

              Finally, T-Force isn't the end all of reaching T-Mobile, just another way to contact for those who do choose to participate in social media.  Much in the same way that Messaging is for those who choose to chat.  When I see folks who have repeated issues speaking to phone reps, I myself will recommend them because it would be silly to push a body back to the unwanted situation again, even if there's a chance that one will reach the domestic Team and have a better experience.


              I'm glad though, you were able to vent your frustrations here. I know T-Mobile is listening though it will take time to work the kinks out of the new Care regime.

              • hobbit

                Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

                If you don't mind my asking, what is the precise relationship between you,

                the various "community managers", "tmo_xxx" users, Pillars, and T-Mobile

                itself?  Are you all T-Mo employees?  What are you actually tasked to do?

                Do you have a good conduit to pass stuff to corporate decision-makers,

                escalation personnel, or engineers?  In other words, where could anyone's

                complaints get forwarded to and what effects can they have, or am I

                basically typing into a black hole just to see how many different ways

                someone can say "I'm sorry"?


                Various bios, lounge posts, and the fact that you occasionally request

                specific account information suggests that at least some of you you work

                for T-Mo, but I'm asking in what capacity and with what level of influence.

                Reassure me that my "shill detector" needle is twitching in error.


                I suppose one useful thing is that the whole forum database is searchable

                by the spiders and turns up useful hints from outside searches once

                in a while, thus sort of a crowdsourced knowledge base even if the S/N

                level is on the low side.  Next step is for the people who actually matter

                to see it as a more serious resource.

                  • magentatechie

                    Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

                    Personally, I work for T-Mobile. I'm a Tech Expert for the Chicago Team.  I'm not "tasked" to do anything here, I post because I genuinely like helping people and this gives me a way to expand my own experience and pick up on customer pain points that I can share with my team, so that we can work on resolutions if need be.


                    Community managers are also employees, however no one can access specific account information from this forum as it is not secure.


                    Pillars are not employees, but individuals who demonstrate knowledge and share it with the rest of the community.


                    I assure you, it was not my intention to be overly apologetic, I just wanted you to know that you are heard and some of us really do care that you've had such a rough time.  You can go all the way to the top if you like.  John Legere can be reached at john.legere@t-mobile.com.

                    • dc5fan

                      Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

                      I am NOT an employee. I am retirec.

                  • rgustafson85

                    Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

                    I have a feeling that "in the context of customer service" if they didn't "over-apologize" you'd, more than likely find fault with that.

                    Being the technical "expert", that you are, or quite obviously believe you are, i highly doubt anything that TMO does or doesn't do you'd find legitimate fault with.

                      • hobbit

                        Re: A bit of a C.S. rant...

                        Au contraire.  I've had a couple of great convos with the "special technical

                        care" folks, the ones in Colorado for example.  As soon as it starts going

                        geek-to-geek, a lot of the frustration melts away.  After being built up to

                        the breaking point in the process of getting my call *to* them, of course.


                        And I don't claim to be any kind of expert until I *can* ask questions and

                        get good answers.  From STC or google, whatever's best for the context.