VZW Transplant Family Control


    Came from vzw, T-Mobile has exceeded expectations in many areas, however, one particular feature that has frustrated me is the inability to disable device data on a custom schedule.


    1. T-Mobile has the free version family controls but predefined times/days are not aligned properly it should be custom or Sunday through Thursday!


    2. The alternative is family mode but that’s dependent on your teenage children to keep an app installed on their devices. Also T-Mobile charges $10 for family mode whereas Verizon charges $4.99!


    3. IN family allowance it’s also not efficient for me to wake up early just to enable a device manually.


    simply make customized time frames available and there’s the solution. No app required, no additional fee, and happy parents miserable teens

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: VZW Transplant Family Control

        Sorry we don't have other options that'll work out for you. Based on what you're needing, the FamilyMode would be your best bet. We have those features as a way to help aid in monitoring data usage for the kids, but I can pass your suggestion along to our internal teams for feedback.