Visual Voicemail not appearing/syncing on IPhone


    For the past few months, my visual voicemail has not been appearing in my voicemail tab on my Iphone X (used to work just fine).  I have voicemail to text (One Plus) so I get a transcript that way, but I cannot find the voicemail in my phone application to actually listen to.   I have to hold "1" and call my voicemail to hear it.


    Every few days, all of the voicemails that don't show up immediately, pop up.  Something is not syncing correctly between T-Mobile servers and my phone.


    I have tried the "reset network settings" as well as calling T-Mobile and also changing my voicemail PIN (on my phone and on


    Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, mpd2003!


        If you've dug around our Support Community a bit, you'll find this is a popular topic on iOS. You mentioned that it was previously working on your iPhone X -- do you know when it stopped working? Was it after a software update or did it just randomly stop working? You also threw out that you have a One Plus as well. If you put your SIM in that device, does visual voicemail work as it should? Lastly, when did you purchase your SIM? We are currently tracking an issue with iOS users using a 3G SIM type that prevents them from viewing their visual voicemails.

          • mpd2003

            Hey Amanda,

            I started noticing it over this last summer I don't exactly remember which month.  It just randomly stopped it wasn't right after a software update.  By One Plus i meant that was the service I had (T-mobile ONE with the plus feature).  That feature has the default voicemail to text.  So I receive a transcript of my voicemail (sometimes translated correctly) as a text message after the call but then the actual audio voicemail won't show up in my phone app.


            I had purchased the SIM back in the summer of 2016 when I first changed from ATT to T-Mobile.

          • mpd2003

            Hi @tmo_amanda.  Any update on this and an estimate when it will be resolved?  It is extremely frustrating