New TMobile customer not happy with phone or customer service


    I switched from AT&T last week. I went in to the store wanting to upgrade my iphone7 to an iphoneX and include another line for my husband's phone. But the sales person convinced me to go with the iphone8 and said there were no current promotions.  So, I couldn't trade in my 7 for the 8 to get the $300 credit.  There must'be been an internal sales incentive for TMobile sales reps to get rid of their iphone8's and also android tablets because she also talked us into adding a 3rd line for just a few more dollars each month.  Throughout our entire conversation, she was constantly greeting other customers and speaking with her counterparts and not giving us her undivided attention.  I thought it was very unprofessional & rude.

    Long story short, I never got the Tablet because it was not in stock at the store.  She assured us that it would be ordered and I would receive it in a couple days.  My husband's line was not activated until 4 days later but by the end of the week, I received a new bill charging me for 3 lines when only 1 was in use.  I called & spoke with 2 other sales reps only to find out that my Tablet was never ordered but he would call back within a half hour to resolve the bill questions.  I never heard back so I called back only to find out that he left for the day and no one was asked to followup with me. 

    I am not happy with the iphone8 or the customer service and would like to go to another store.   Can I do this without any hassles?

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      • tmo_chris

        Oh my goodness aloha6423, this is definitely not the foot we want you to start out on with us. 


        If you want the X, our 2018 Apple Trade In offer is still open until 10/18 and you can trade in that 7 for the X and get the promotion. Since you already traded in your phone at the one store, I would recommend that you visit the same store and see if you can speak with the manager there as you should not have been pressured to get the 8 if you wanted the X. They will also be able to check the status of this tablet order for you.

        • ameyavedpathak27

          Hello Feedback Seekers,

          It’s a kind request to all the T-Mobile users and people who are looking to move their carrier to T-Mobile, I request you that "Never Ever Visit this store for any service or any new purchase".

          Encounter on 11/24/2018 (Thanksgiving Day) at 9.15 AM bright sunny day.

          Me with my fellow friends visited the store at Cooper Street with great enthusiasm but had really very bad experience and would like to share.

          As we all know we shop and seek for good deals on Thanksgiving Day, we expect and cherish some good customer service at least on this day. People here are so arrogant that they didn’t even greet us, as we were first customer to them, we thought we might end up buying new phone with new connection. But all the representatives were busy planning some party, suddenly there was one representative entered with 6-8 red bull cans. we thought it might be there breakfast time, we were assisted by representative named "Tangh" (small hair Asian guy). One of the least interested people, why the hell he is working there I seriously wonder if he can’t handle/deal with questions of information seeking customer.

          Conversation started as follows:

          Me: Hello, we were looking for some offers for Thanksgiving, is there any new offer.

          Tangh: Yes, we have!! (in sad way).

          Me: OK great, can you let me know??

          Tangh: For that you need to do certain things!!

          Me: Huh??? Means...??

          Tangh: Started telling some offers in fast way (looking in sarcastic way, as if we were doing time pass and not interested to buy).

          Me: I am interested in iPhone trade-in offer and buy new phone also interested in new connection, do you have any Test phone/ Dummy Device to see the device.

          Tangh: Sorry we don’t have any right now, it was stolen 2 weeks back.

          Me: ok can you tell some more information about new phone and connection.

          Tangh:Inquired about the account that we hold and asked for authorized user in the family.\

          Me: Ohh I see, currently he is not with us, but we will get back to you with him. What else you need as part to avail this offer.

          Tangh: (Not ready to show the device, and in sarcastic way he said) Please get him then we will discuss, went straight back to keep the device.

          Really Sad, it was so hurtful that he didn’t even find a good way to share the information, if he is not ready to give information about what he is asked for what is the purpose to work as CSR.


          Feel pity for You!!!

          Good part, there is one more T-Mobile store couple of blocks away.... we bought 1 new iPhone Xs Maxx from there within no time.

          Thing is we were excited to buy stuff and this guy spoiled it!!

          Suggestion: Please never do this to customers as they don’t know the product information, they will seek information with you guys and if you will hide some info or never reveal it upfrontly we will never understand.


          Please improve!!!!

            • tmo_chris

              Hey ameyavedpathak27 


              I am very sorry your experience in the store was not a pleasant one I would like to get some feedback to the store so that this type of behavior can be addressed. What city and state are you in and what was the major cross street there on Cooper?


              As for the deals, we cannot see any of your account related details here on a public community forum but I would be more than happy to give you any of the details you want about any of our deals. Which ones were you interested in?