Revvl Plus charging issue


    My friend gave me a Revvl Plus a couple of months ago when she switched to an iPhone, it is pretty new, and I have not been having issues with it until the past two weeks. When it is on the charger, it stops and starts charging over and over. (Meaning it will charge for about 15 seconds, stop, then start again.) Sometimes it goes minutes again before doing it, and sometimes it's even 2 second intervals. I have bought and tried numerous different chargers since this issue started, so it's definitely not the cable. I would be so grateful if someone could tell me how to fix this if I can, rather than spending a bunch of money on a new phone. Thanks in advance.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Revvl Plus charging issue

        Hey, moonsugar!


        Welcome to our Support Community! That's far from normal behavior as it should start/stop charging like that. Are you using the charging cable and base that came with the device? Can you try following these steps to run your phone in Safe Mode? I'd like to see if the charging issue continues while in Safe Mode. If you do not have issues charging while in Safe Mode, this means that the likely culprit is a third-party app.

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Revvl Plus charging issue

          Good morning, moonsugar!


          Did you have a chance to follow the steps I listed last Friday? If so, did you see any improvement?

            • nlamarr5

              Re: Revvl Plus charging issue

              Hi, I'm having this very same issue. I tried the steps that you shared with the OP, but it hasn't helped. I have tried multiple chargers with no luck. Is this an issue that I need to bring to my T mobile store or am I able to fix it on my own?

            • jenniferschiffer

              Re: Revvl Plus charging issue

              I'm having this very same issue. And actually for the SECOND time. I had a revvl and now a revvl 2 and the charging port for the first one I had eventually stopped working at all. Now I'm on my revvl 2 and it's starting to stop and start and stop and start charging over and over and over again. It charges, but very slowly due to every time the low power notice blinks on and off when it stops charging it vibrates. So I can imagine that's taking power from the battery right there. So what's the deal where did the revvl phones and the charging port issues? You guys need to seriously look into that because I can't afford to buy another phone and this is just ludicrous. Please advise!

              • patr1ck

                Re: Revvl Plus charging issue

                My REVVL is now not charging. The crew at the local TMOBILE store can't figure it out and 6 months into a 2 year warranty: no replacement phones for the warranty program are available and they can't fix it and they wont let me return it and they wont switch it for a new phone of the same model.

                I was offered a refurbished phone of lesser value or a $50 voucher.

                Makes no sense.

                The crew was friendly, this was the corporate answer.