LineLink passcode


    I have no idea what my Linelink passcode is.  I honestly don't remember if I've ever checked my voicemail.

    The prompt to "hangup, dial #793# doesn't help.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: LineLink passcode

        Hey there, kcl57!


        How are you trying to access your voicemail? You can follow these steps to check your voicemail. As for the passcode, I've never personally used our LineLink services so I haven't encountered a required passcode nor do I see one in our LineLink documentation.

          • kcl57

            Re: LineLink passcode

            I was able to get my passcode reset.  When you have a landline phone that does not support the VM "press one" option, you have to dial in to  your home number, press * and enter your passcode.

            So I had to have my passcode reset


            And now I can listen to my voicemail on my LineLink service.


            and yes, I know there isn't one mentioned in the LineLink documentation, I searched and searched.  The only mention I found was that the passcode COULD be the last 4 numbers of your phone number (as in mobile VM) 


            So if you get locked out of your LineLink VM, contact the help desk by message...they can reset the LineLink VM passcode!

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: LineLink passcode

                Thanks for the update and the helpful information, kcl57! I'll definitely pass that feedback along to see if we can get some info added in about the passcode. I'm happy to read that you're able to access your VM now.