New iPad Pro Activation


    I have a new iPad Pro that I am trying to get setup with a One Plan for Tablets.  There are a lot of monthly plan options available when I select T-Mobile on the tablet, but the One plan is not one of them.


    How do I get the tablet activated on this plan?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: New iPad Pro Activation

        Are you not seeing the option when you're going through the website? I'm seeing we still have plans for tablets. Have you gotten in touch with our Care folks to see if we can get you activated over the phone?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: New iPad Pro Activation

          Hey, thewebgeek!


          Were you able to get your new iPad activated on a plan? If not, here are the prepaid and postpaid plans we have to choose from.

          • thewebgeek

            Re: New iPad Pro Activation

            I was able to geat the iPad activated by calling in to get the T-Mobile One Tablet plan.  There was some difficulty with activation as the folks that I talked to didn’t know what an e-sim was and how to activate the tablet over the phone.


            I gave them the CSM number from the e-sim and asked them to try and enter it into the system where they would have normally entered the ICCID of a physical sim.  Once they did this, the tablet activated successfully without having to have a physical SIM card mailed.  This also helped avoid the $25 sim-card charge.

            • magenta7139430

              Re: New iPad Pro Activation

              Customer service is sending me a free T-Mobile SIM card to use INSTEAD of the e-SIM. They can’t do anything with the e-SIM. I had followed the iPad Pro instructions and tried to set up a T-Mobile plan using the IPad settings app. It appeared to work for a second —got a welcome email—but then got an email that said it could not be processed. I ended up with a line assigned to the e-SIM, no minutes on the line, and nothing I could do. That’s when I called customer service, who were very nice, but could only offer the free T-Mobile SIM card. They couldn’t do anything to give me a plan that linked to the e-SIM or my existing accounts.  I don’t think a lot of people are having any success with Apple’s e-SIM. If your looking to buy an iphone or iPad I wouldn’t factor the e-SIM into your decision.