3rd Party Insurance Issue - Device Unknown


    I am trying to submit a 3rd party insurance claim vla Wells Fargo Credit Card device protection.


    One of the items they require is proof of:

    • Device Summary Page or other sufficient proof of the claimed cell phone model linked to your cell phone account
    • Proof that the claimed cell phone is linked to your wireless account. Summary should include model and/or serial number


    Since T-mobile does not offer the Google Pixel, My Device page shows "Device Unknown". I spoke with my local rep and after 46 mins we were unable to resolve this matter. He was unable to send information that he could see, that would provide proof.


    I am requesting proof that my Google Pixel is connected to my t-mobile account at the time of the incident.



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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: 3rd Party Insurance Issue - Device Unknown

        Hey, nkn81!


        I checked out the program you're referring to with Wells Fargo and it seems like a pretty legit deal that most may not know about. It would be a million times easier to just take a screenshot of your MyT-Mobile account verifying you're using a Pixel and due to that issue you have to find an alternative method to verify your device. The only other way that we could get that info is through one of our billing systems, however, we do not make the specific call details that would include the IMEI available. Have you chatted with our social media team, T-Force, over Facebook or Twitter yet? They may be able to find out an out-of-the-box solution.

        • alexandrum

          Re: 3rd Party Insurance Issue - Device Unknown

          Hi there, were you able to figure this one out? I have the same situation here.