Unable to log in to my tmobile account for the past 2 weeks.


    I moved from prepaid to postpaid 2 weeks ago and have not been able to log in to my TMobile account since. I've tried multiple browsers on multiple PCs as well as the mobile app, but I keep getting the error "Something's not right". I called Customer Care but all they could tell me was that this is a known issue, but no resolution date. What else do I need to do to get this fixed?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, ****.ninad!


        You're not the first to report this, unfortunately. I'm currently tracking all of the My T-Mobile issues and working towards a permanent solution. What type of account do you have? Prepaid or postpaid? 

          • dike.ninad

            Hi Amanda, I originally had a prepaid account and was able to access My T-Mobile, but after moving to postpaid, it won't let me log in. I'll have to pay my bill over the phone or at a store now, because it won't let me log in.


            Also, as a current T-Mobile employee, I'm surprised it takes so many weeks to fix an issue. I really hope you can fix this soon. This is not cool.

          • magenta6807640

            Have several prepaid accounts. Last time I was able to access the accounts was Oct 7. Was able to use it, but a lot of information was missing and accounts took a long time to update.


            Can log in to t-mobile and it will display a list of my accounts. But when clicking on any account it gives a failure message and try later. This happens on multiple browsers and computers. When trying to force the issue, I get the message that no primary owner is established and I should enter the last digits of my ss number. But that only produces the original failure. Have talked to t-mobile service rep and been advised that they have online problems and should be fixed in 1-2 weeks. Those 2 weeks are over but the problem is still there.

            • rhsortho

              i've had this exact problem for several weeks now too. it all started with my separate prepaid line started prompting  with the "no primary account holder..." then asking for last ssn. that led to a big login mess. A nice rep was able to get able to login again at least.

              I can login to MyTmobile and see my post paid and prepaid lines but am unable to get into the prepaid account still. had a trouble ticked issued about 2 weeks ago but no resolution. had to refill over the phone since I cant do it online now nor can I view the remaining balance. hope this gets fixed soon.  All was fine several weeks ago!