Switching from Sprint... or not...


    I have had it with the bad customer service. On November 8th, I ordered the One Plus 6T. Shipping dates moved around 3 times since then. I've called into customer care a few times to see what the real story is because I am on a Sprint lease at the end of the contract. The goal was to seamlessly switch over from one carrier to the other. Sprint has been giving me the run-around for a while and I am fed up with it, so I figured why not try something else? Well I ordered my phone on the 8th of November. They couldn't give me an order number or anything because they said my card was declined. I called in 10 minutes later and the support agent was happy to help and the card was processed. Whatever. Next thing. I called in a few days later because it was past the shipping date and the support agent told me that it was backordered (again whatever, I get it). However this one had a bit of an attitude with me. Last "whatever". I called in today because instead of showing a ship date, it shows "unavailable". I messaged the rep on the webpage and she told me it was sent out on the 13th... I called into customer care and they said it hasen't even left the warehouse. WHERE IS THE DISCONNECT?? I haven't felt this way with a customer service with any company I have worked with in the past. I know that these calls are probably annoying to the customer service reps, but this is a service T-Mobile provides and it is concerning to me as a new customer... I paid 8.99 for free 2-day shipping (girl said she would credit it back onto my account later... that's reassuring...). I want that back. It was useless from the start. Please do something. Pay it forward. If it isn't for me, make it better for others. Thank you.

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        I am so sorry you have had to go through so much trouble switching to us acsww4. We indeed want to make the process seamless and I apologize that this has not been the case for you. As for your phone delivery, we are unfortunately unable to see phone orders here on a public community forum but we still want to make sure the phone is on the way and make sure you are not charged for expedited shipping that never happened. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to securely access your account and see exactly what is going on with your order and take the necessary steps to make things right.