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    I'm admittedly ignorant of some of the nomenclature used herein so please forgive my confusion. I'm currently a pre-paid "$3-per-month" mobile phone subscriber and want to add a (cell phone enabled) iPad to my account; I spied the North America Simple Choice Mobile Internet UNL Data with 6GB 4G LTE and have two questions:


    1) I'm confused about the difference in unlimited data and 6GB 4G LTE--if the tablet is "talking" to the cell network, how can I have unlimited data yet be restricted to 6GB/mo.?


    2) Is this plan the most cost-effective plan (for around 6GB/mo) considering my current mobile phone subscription or is there a better one? (I'm over 55 years old so I don't know whether T-Mobile's "old geezer" plan would come into play.)


    Thanks in advance for your replies, and happy holidays.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Unlimited Data with 6GB 4G LTE

        Hey there! The term "Unlimited Data" means that your data does not have a cap.  Your first 6GB of data used in the billing cycle will be high speed 4G LTE, after that it will drop and you will experience 2G-3G speeds (your mileage may vary) but the data won't cut off entirely.


        Is 6GB a good deal for you? It all depends on how you plan on using your data.  Depending on your intentions, 6 GB might be too much or not enough.  Do you have any idea what you'd like to be doing with your new tablet?

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        • a21cm

          Re: Unlimited Data with 6GB 4G LTE

          Wow! Thanks for the fast reply!


          To answer your question, my use fits somewhere in between 2GB and 6GB--I typically use the tablet for road trips where I want to keep an eye on WAZE to see what the road/traffic conditions are, and infrequently when I travel beyond that where I'd prefer to do Web-stuff where there isn't secure Wi-Fi available. Other than that, I'd be connected by Wi-Fi securely.