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    I am using Name ID on iOS, which I know has some limitations. I am not sure if it is possible, and if not I would like to suggest it, but whenever a call from one of the categories comes in, the ID only shows the category. In my case, I work for a charity, so I receive a lot of calls from various charities. Rather than identifying the charity, it only shows 'Charity Call' and the city. That doesn't tell me much. I realize this might be a small nitch, but is it possible to have a setting that one can choose to either identify the type of call or the actual name of the business? If not, I would like to suggest that in future upgrades. It would probably have to be on a category by category basis. Thanks!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Name ID iOS

        Hey credo84


        So what you are experiencing here is the expected behavior. As far as it showing the actual business name, I am not sure how it actually decides to display the call as a standard "Charity call" not the actual business name. One thing that I have been using to supplement Name ID on iOS is Hiya. It is a free app and it is pretty useful. I know that snn555 has been using it a long time and maybe he can pop in here and give you some more tips.


        We do appreciate your feedback on this though and will make sure to pass it along.

          • snn555

            Re: Name ID iOS

            Ios is a different animal. Even with CallKit Hiya can only ID AFTER the call is ended.  Better than nothing but not as good as real-time as it's ringing.