Can't log into pre-paid acct shared for 2 phone #s.  How to get help??


    I just learned that I'm unable to access my T-Mobile account used for two separate pre-paid phone numbers.  I keep receiving this message: "We are currently having trouble with your request.  Please wait a few minutes and try again.".I've tried for several days and keep getting this same message.  How can I go about getting help from T-Mobile to assist me with this?  (BTW, this is one VERY confusing and extremely poorly designed out website.)

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      • dc5fan

        I have a prepaid account, and I didn't have a problem going to my account. Are you aware of the SHORT CODES? Do a search on the site as there are 4 CODES for prepaid accounts. What I did was place 3 CODES into a file QUICK MEMOS+. *233 will allow to ADD funds. #225# Balance, and #999# account balance & minutes remaining. There is always 611 (Customer Service). I tried *233 to add funds, but it took 5 minutes + , and hung up. Do you live far from a corporate store? Hope that helps. And, yet, you are right sometimes the site AND app can be a trip to "The Twilight Zone"!

        • snn555

          I agree that the website is sort of hard to follow and has lackluster flow however you can get help by calling T-Mobile at 611 or on Twitter or Facebook you can send a message.

          • rob-beach

            You are going to be stuck with dialing 611 or the 233 number.

            Wait times are long... I called to put funds on my account because of the same problem you are having.


            Some people have had the problem for two months.

            In my account like you, I have two phones.

            You can get in.. but not able to see any data on the website.. nor do anything.

            If you click the T-Mobile icon top left.. you will go to another screen... and on the right hand side see an "Alerts" notice.


            Primary account holder missing | Online services are currently limited because no primary account holder has been designated for your account. Confirm primary account holder

            If you click this to resolve the issue... it does nothing but send you back to login.. a loop as it were.


            When I called T-Mobile to pay my bill... I discussed this problem.. because I thought that might me my issue.

            I was advise it would be 24 hours to correct Primary Account Holder.

            It has been 48 hours, same "Alert" notice.. but actually I set up Primary Account Holder a couple of months ago.


            I have serious concerns that this is part of a security breach at T-Mobile in August 2018.

            T-Mobile data breach FAQ: What happened, how it affects you, and what you should do now | PCWorld


            While T-Mobile states in the above link... "customers will be notified..."

            The reality of the situation is that the "customer" is usually the last to be informed in a timely manner.

            AND... if there is another security breach... or part of the initial...

            Notification to the user, is the last link in the chain of correction.


            This is the empirical evidence in all known security breaches... from Equifax on down to the smallest retail companies.


            The full extent of the security breach may only be released years after the fact.


            On a few occasions when I was a knucklehead and forgot to pay my bill I called 611 and was quickly able to pay my bill.

            This time it was 30 minutes wait time no peak hours.


            Don't expect the website issue to be resolved anytime soon... as others have been waiting for 2 months.

   Issues Unresolved After 2 Months