No visual voicemail after switching from ATT and bringing my own Iphone 6


    I switched on Cyber monday to TMobile with assurance from the operator that not only would my phone work with T-Mobile, but that I would have "excellent to good signal" I have one bar if I am lucky and zero bars in stores, buildings other than my home. Where I have ONE bar. On wifi. I have chatted, texted, called,

    had multiple "tickets" opened in this matter, the service issue and nothing has been resolved.


    Now they are trying to blame it on the phone saying that they warned me of the possible issues when transferring my existing phone to T-Mobile. Which of course they did NOT just like so many other customers on here have said. T-Mobile is very misleading with new customers. They really should have to say a disclaimer detailing all of the possible problems when changing companies.


    Now I am stuck in a 2 yr "not a contract" contract with the other lines with garbage service and a phone that barely makes calls and texts. No voicemail notifications even, let alone visual voicemail. No internet data unless on wifi, very rarely I get 2g or E internet when off wifi and all this with an Iphone 6 that worked perfectly fine with ATT! I thought they were bad. Wish I would have stayed put. If you are having this same problem comment here. I want them to stop trying to ignore the problem and admit it already. I have heard so many garbage excuses as to why this could be happening. Pointing the finger at everyone but themselves and making me jump through the same silly hoops over and over to try to "troubleshoot." Make this RIGHT T-Mobile!

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