Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837T no 1080p or HDR support from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?


    Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will not stream 1080p or play in HDR on the T-Mobile version Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837T. Wifi or LTE it doesn't matter.


    Amazon only supports 1080p and HDR on the Tab S3 only (found this on their website after speaking with their tech support). I spoke with Netflix support and I was told this specific model number from T-Mobile isn't supported when other Tab S4 models are.


    I've tried downloading the Prime Video app from the play store, Samsung's app store, and even from Amazon's own app store. I can't get it to stream 1080p. My Note 9 will stream 1080p and HDR with Amazon and Netflix. With streaming settings set to best on prime, "1 hour uses about 0.46 GB of data" on the Tab S4. Streaming settings set to best on the Note 9 "1 hour uses about 1.82 GB of data".


    Anyone else having this issue or found a solution?


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