Galaxy S7 Edge - IMS Service Has Stopped - Error



    My phone (S7 Edge) has been functioning fine during the entire time I have owned the phone - until today.


    I casually updated a few apps this morning, including TMobile, Facebook Messenger, Spectrum TV, SignNow, Polaris Office, Yahoo Mail, PayPal, Yelp, Amazon, and Uber.  The phone did updates just fine, and seemed to be performing normally.  About an hour later, I started getting the "IMS Service Has Stopped" message popping up on my screen over and over again. The phone essentially slowed to a standstill while heating up significantly and draining the battery. The message kept popping up, and I would clear it.  Then it would pop up again and again.


    I turned the phone off and on.  Still had the error.


    I wiped the cache.  Still had the error.


    Wiped it again to be sure.  Still had the error.


    Just now, I turned phone on in SAFE MODE, and it seems to be error free.  This is great, but also not ideal for my regular use of the phone.


    Any help in identifying the problem here?


    Thanks much

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