No voice over WiFi with Spectrum


    I’ve Spectrum at home with Fortinet firewall, Cisco PoE switch and AeroHive access points. No matter what do I do, no voice over WiFi.


    At work I‘ve different ISP with Fortinet firewal, Brocade switches and ArroHive access points. No issues with voice over WiFi.


    I do do believe the issue is somehow with Spectrum. Does anyone else having similar issues? Did anyone managed to solve them?


    Thank you.



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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: No voice over WiFi with Spectrum

        There's other posts that folks couldn't get their cellspot working with Spectrum.  Some have said if you wait long enough, it eventually works (not particularly useful with a cell device you're going to leave home with).  Others have said if you change your DNS to something like Google DNS instead of Spectrum's, it works (suggesting Spectrum may be blocking some services, whether intentionally or unintentionally).


        I'd suggest the DNS route to see if that helps.

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: No voice over WiFi with Spectrum

          Hey, George!


          Spectrum has made things a bit interesting when it comes to compatibility with our network. I've seen numerous issues posted, however, I found a thread with someone who had the same issue as you. They were able to get this fixed with a new SIM. I couldn't find the original thread they posted to, however, here's where the conversation was happening: Wifi Calling does not work with my router. As far as where to go from here, I would definitely try a new SIM, but I'll also be the first to admit that any troubleshooting beyond that is out of my scope when it comes to changing DNS'.