S9+ Screen protector issue


    Hi.  I am having an issue with the puregear high def screen protector that the T-Mobile store sold me with the phone.  Accuracy is poor as letters are often missed, but even worse is the clicking sound when typing.  It is honestly like fingernails on a blckboard for me.  Any suggestions on what else to try?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: S9+ Screen protector issue

        I am sorry to hear you are not enjoying your screen protector What kind is it? Do you know if it is a tempered glass protector?

        • jinxi

          Re: S9+ Screen protector issue

          I was sold the same screen protector in November and the thing is a piece of junk. I've already had one replaced and the second one cracked and gave me splinters. Sadly, the sales reps at my store were seriously unhelpful and insinuated that I lied when I told them I haven't dropped the phone. After doing some research, I learned that these screen protectors are poorly designed and don't stand up to normal use.


          Considering I paid $48 for this product, I expected it to work wonders. Instead, it literally makes me bleed. I get no help from the sales reps at my store and would love to know how I can get a refund for this useless piece of equipment. As it stands, the store did not have any replacements this time so, rather than get another glass splinter in my hand, I took the protector off and placed it in a bag until the store receives a new shipment of glass protectors.