Apple Watch w GSM - cell number the same as your postpaid line on iPhone ?




    I am considering purchasing an Apple Watch with GSM.


    During one of my conversation with a rep, or I have read that somewhere, it says that the Apple Watch will get a different number than your iPhone.

    Is that true ?


    Means if someone is calling you on your cell phone, then your watch don't ring if you are out of reach of your iPhone, means it's pointless...

    Or they were saying like getting a digit number for the Apple Watch.



    I am finding this pretty odd wince my brother got an iPhone XS, Apple Watch Serie 4, iPhone 6S, and a portable router, all on the same number.

    He can even choose to activate or deactivate the voice per device.

    So a little concern by what I heard.



    SO, you guys who are owning an Apple Watch with GSM, what number comes with it ? Your main one or a different one ?

    If different, how do you receive calls on your watch while too far from your iPhone ?



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