No coverage since 03/13/19 in 93283 area


    Greetings!  I lost all cell reception at my house last Wednesday, March 13th and still can't get any signal, even walking around outside.  I have to drive about 20 miles north back toward Highway 178 before I get any bars.  I have a Motorola Moto E5 Play that was purchased back in November and has been working really great until last week.  You guys are the only ones to show coverage in this area and I had my sister go into a T-Mobile store near her to inquire about what happened.  They show the main cell tower near the highway is working but has extremely high volume and there's one south of me that shows it's not working.  The manager was stumped because it doesn't say there's any outages on your network.  Because I'm an older guy with health problems and live alone on a fixed budget, it's pretty critical that I have a cell phone I can depend on.  Hopefully someone can give me an idea about what's going on.  Thank you!

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