Can I replace my iphone outside the US?


    My phone was stolen in Morocco last week. It's been marked as lost via apple, and I've got a message on it to please email if found.... My question is this: Is it possible to purchase a replacement here and activate it with my phone number and on my current TMobile account while I'm still here? Alternatively, is it possible to purchase a replacement here and use it on wifi only while traveling (we're out of the US for another 6-months) adn still be able to activate it back in the US? I don't want to spend the $$ and not be able to eventually make it my actual phone when we get back home.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Can I replace my iphone outside the US?

        Wow! Sorry to hear about your loss. It kind of depends on the model of iPhone you buy. For instance, AFAIK, there's only one model of the iPhone XR and as long as it's unlocked, it should work anywhere. T-Mobile does not normally ship phones or even SIMs outside the US. So it will be a bit tough to activate the new phone on T-Mobile until you return. While a locally purchased phone can be used with a local prepaid SIM or via WiFi, it can't use T-Mobile's WiFi calling without a T-Mobile (US) SIM. I hope you contacted T-Mobile (as well as Apple). Someone could be running up some big bills on your SIM.


        Who's watching your mail back home? If you have someone in the US who can receive the new SIM and forward it to you (e.g. FedEx). That might solve the problem.


        n.b. I know it's a little late but this is why I normally carry a spare phone and unactivated T-Mobile SIM while traveling abroad. If a phone is lost or stolen I can drop back to the spare, do an online SIM swap and be back in business.

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          • snn555

            Re: Can I replace my iphone outside the US?



            Upgrading Sim Card


            Have you found a new way to activate SIMs online?

            That would be so much easier than calling tmo or going to a store.

            • mammaliz

              Re: Can I replace my iphone outside the US?

              @drnewcomb2 Thank you! New SIM is in the works back in the US and will be

              joining me at the end of next month in France. I've been told by the person

              who picked up the SIM card that some phones won't accept a US SIM card. Are

              you (or is anyone else) able to help me make sure I ask the right questions

              when I purchase the phone so that when I get it the card actually works?

              Any sense of whether I should purchase in Morocco or wait until Italy (we

              travel in 4-days)?

                • drnewcomb2

                  Re: Can I replace my iphone outside the US?

                  I can't imagine why an unlocked phone would not accept a US SIM. For some models of phones the bands on the European ones are quite different from the bands on the US models. (e.g. Moto G7). If you stick with genuine Apple products, this should not be a problem. But understand that some iPhones have multiple models. For instance, there are two different models of the iPhone 8. (Either will work on T-Mobile). If you go to different manufacturers it could get a little complicated.


                  The best thing might be to wait until you have the SIM in hand and activated then test it in the phone before you leave the store. I understand this may not work for you, because you need a phone now.


                  Did you have insurance on the stolen phone? That might complicate things a bit.


                  BTW, don't ask me about recovering your contacts, texts, data, etc. I'm an Android user and don't know that much about Apple phones.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Can I replace my iphone outside the US?

                Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you still have questions on this? Also, did I read it right when you said you will be in Morocco for another 6 months? If so, you will want to take advantage of a local SIM card their as our services is not intended for extended international use and you could risk having your account canceled for excessive roaming.