Is the T-Mobile network messing with T-Mobile flip phones?


    I have 1) an Alcatel Go Flip phone that is locked onto the T-Mobile network, and 2) a legacy T-Mobile "Pay As You Go" plan (in which I pay only for the minutes I use).



    The following scenario has been happening lately:


    A call to my phone goes straight to voicemail, with my phone not even ringing. The caller leaves a voicemail, and I get a voicemail notification.


    I turn the phone off and then back on.


    Now, a call to my phone causes the phone to ring, at least for a little while. However, after some time period, the straight-to-voicemail problem occurs again.



    Sometimes, the following scenario happens:


    A call to my phone goes straight to voicemail, with my phone not even ringing. The caller leaves a voicemail. However, I do NOT get a voicemail notification until I turn the phone off and then back on.



    There are 2 possibilities:


    1) The Alcatel Go Flip phone has a problem.


    2) The T-Mobile network is messing with T-Mobile flip phones and is causing calls to T-Mobile flip phones to go straight to voicemail.



    So, has anyone else experienced this straight-to-voicemail problem with a T-Mobile flip phone? Has anyone experienced this straight-to-voicemail problem with a T-Mobile smartphone?



    I would greatly appreciate any help.


    Thank you.

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      • dragon1562

        I don't have a flip phone but I have experienced callers going straight to voicemail. For me, it was the scam blocker flagging people incorrectly causing the calls to go straight to voice mail. However, that most likely would not apply to you on a flip phone. If I was you I would go through the process of eliminations. First, try to identify when this is happening. I.e is service strong when it occurs or weak? Is this happening in a set area(indoors at home or anywhere), and so on. You can also call into T-mobile and speak with the tech team to see if there are any reported issues for your area.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          I'm confident the network isn't messing with your phone, and I'm sorry you're having these issues. Calls going straight to voicemail is normally a signal issue either in a particular area or something going on with the device. With that being said, the best place to start using our Signal issues / no service troubleshooting to see if that helps with signal and improves incoming calls.

          • wolffie

            I know 5 people ALL having the same issues.  it IS T-Mobile, not our phones, being that we all use different phones, a mix of flip AND smart, there is no way in hell that ALL our phones have the exact same issues at the same times.  no ring, no notice of voice mail, no notice of text message. not for hours and at times days.   I use a 2006 moto V600, I do NOT want or can use a smart phone. I need something that I can feel the keys, I can not feel a glass screen, I can not read the screen,  I have a desktop and laptop for being online, I DO NOT need one in my pocket,  so I need to know if my older phone will still work as  JUST A PHONE ONLY after this 2/3g crap is all done with.  because thats all I need, a basic, simple phone, and the only flip phone t-mobile has that go phone is a pile of crap. junk,  I need a phone that I can set the menu to "List" because I do not want nor like the icons.  so will my phone still work as a phone.