Educate me. Why did Tmobile store refuse to sell hotspot?


    Asked to purchase a Coolpad Surf at full retail price, but store refused to sell without service.



    Is there something I'm not aware of here?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Part of me thinks "device tracking" -- e.g. the ability to report a device lost or stolen.  It needs to be attached to an account in order to do this.

        Part of me thinks it's the fact the device is useless without a T-Mobile account, since it's locked.

        Part of me thinks it's because the system may not allow you to buy anything unless it's purchased through a phone number (possibly part of #1).


        There's probably a few reasons.  Did you ask the store why they can't sell it to you without pulling up an account?  Although, the answer given by most associates is probably "uh... I don't know. It just won't let me."

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Just to be clear, are did they not sell you device  because you weren't getting service with us? I'm guessing you explained you wanted to just purchase the device. did they they say anything else as to why they didn't sell you the device?

            • ordinarythefirst

              Was very upfront about my intentions. Asked to purchase the device for full price - but without Tmobile service. When I mentioned no service - manager refused.


              Was taking a gamble here only to obtain band 71 service. Figured I'd find a way to get some MVNO SIM to work. MVNO or IOT plans align better with my projects, as I typically use only smaller blocks of data infrequently.


              As you know,  most industrial radios don't support band 71 it's not like I could goto Sierra wireless with this problem.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Ah, okay. Thanks for explaining everything. If you're looking to use another SIM with the device, there are certain unlock requirements you'd have to meet. One of the requirements is having a T-Mobile account. Did we mention this to you at the store?

                    • ordinarythefirst

                      (understand you don't make policy)


                      OK. How did we get to a point where "buying for full price" still means locking entanglements? And why do some believe such behavior is acceptable? Your grandparents would have slapped anyone proposing such transactions.


                      Karma in here somewhere?


                      As in AT&T selling off all it's band 71 spectrum. Leaving Tmobile alone to sponsor it? Perhaps Apple was wise to refuse Tmobile's entreaties for band 71 support?


                      So perhaps the "bill" for supporting Tmobile's outlier band will now shift properly exclusively to Tmobile? With no manufacturer willing to take risks here?


                      Yup, Tmobile's ball and bat. But now no one else is willing to play with you....."Keep it"



                      Save the accusations of carrier religions, we've been Tmobile customers for decades. But this idea that Tmobile is any better (or worse) than other carriers is just another marketing conceit. Their marketing brainiacs are every bit as vile as the others.


                      AT&T is easier to deal with these days. Must be that huge mortgage they now carry for their takeovers?



                      Here's a wager. By 2025, Tmobile will do ANYTHING to secure incremental fixed cost coverage of their networks. Including unlocking all products that they sell. Karma bites.

                • drnewcomb2

                  In general, T-Mobile sells devices to support their (service) customers. They aren't a store that sells phones and also sells service.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    I've never heard of folks purchasing a device without the intention of using the service, and from what I've gathered from your previous post, you'd planned on using it with an MVNO SIM. If you had been sold that device, it wouldn't be possible to use it the way you described without meeting the unlock requirements. Again, that would require that you had service with us first.