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    My wife and I just switched to T-Mobile, and we are having trouble with dropped calls (both using Samsung Galaxy S10e). Whenever I make a call it eventually "drops" in the sense that the person on the other end cannot hear me speaking. I can still hear them, and the call is still connected technically but they cannot hear me. Other times it disconnects the call completely. This is frustrating because it will happen after only a few seconds sometimes. Kind of dissapointing, because we never had these issues with ATT. We are in a "fair signal" area. Could that be the issue, or is there something else we can try? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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      • syaoran

        Re: Dropped calls

        Personally, I would say the S10 (any model) are the issue.  The amount of devices with failing radios out there is growing every day.  Take them back and get yourself a Note 9 or S9 Plus.

        • snn555

          Re: Dropped calls

          Samsung is not renowned for its reliability with anything from the OS functionality to use ability with text calls or data. So in that light I might theorize tthat Samsung is probably the issue.

          • magenta7858238

            Re: Dropped calls

            Did you end up getting a different model phone?

            • jwilco

              Re: Dropped calls

              I've never had a problem with Samsung phones in the past. We moved to a new area and after talking to a lot of different people, the concensus is that T-Mobile just doesn't have great service in our area (Southern Arizona). The signal map is somewhat misleading in this regard. Parts of my street are a complete dead zone and I can only make calls without dropping in the upstairs area of my house (even with a signal booster). That being said, we may end up switching service. I guess its a possibility that service would get better after the merger, but i'm not willing to wait that long and will probably switch carriers unfortunately.