TMobile Overcharges everytime


    Nov 2016 I took their Thanksgiving $120 4-lines and unlimited data.


    The first bill was already over charged by $60. Everytime I call they say that my bill is $180 because I had to pay for the extra 2-lines. But after a LOT of back and forth they will credit me once or twice. But its been almost 3-years now.


    They're saying that there was never even a $120 Deal back in 2016 Thanksgiving. So it goes on and on.


    What can I do. I just called Tmobile and they said they will only check 3-months back. Beyond that its the customers responsibility to check the bills.


    Basically TMobile owes me around $1,680.


    Unless this gets resolved. This is very fraudulent. I'm frustrated and so tired of calling them.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: TMobile Overcharges everytime

        We definitely don't want you to be frustrated with anymore. I think I know what offer you're talking about. I believe it was the Friends and Family 2 lines on Us. Are you signed up with a T-Mobile ONE tax exclusive or a Simple Choice plan? I know there's specifics around this promo in order to get it. In order to dig into this a bit further, we'd need to have a Care rep take a look at your account. You should try reaching out to our T-Force team using the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge or on our Contact Us page.

        • bradgrant

          Re: TMobile Overcharges everytime

          I had the same problem in November 2016 which was never actually truly resolved, period. It was never correctly fixed nor was I ever told if anything would ever be actually done about the problems. At the time I had 5 lines and wanted to get at least 1 free line. I added 2 free lines. They were not indeed free at all. The plan I was on apparently had a free line that was hidden. After over a year of trying to get them to fix it they finally did a 500 credit settlement. I also was given 205 off and promo plus was added to every line which I currently have 6 lines. I was never able to actually get any free lines ever. Which all I wanted was the free lines and now I would never add a new line because the Plus feature is not free so the value is permanently lost from my older Simple Choice plan. I pay 160 dollars now for 6 lines. However, I will always feel like they never took my concerns logically. I was paying 215 dollars for 5 lines of unlimited with 14GBs of LTE tethering and all the great features. I ended up losing all of that because I had no other choice but to convert over to the One Plan or I would be literally paying way way too much. I have been a customer over 5 years. I had my first smart phone with T-Mobile which was Nexus s and even used a Sidekick for a while many years ago. You will never be able to get the free lines. They cannot offer anything that isn't in existence. You might want to make sure to take every note you can and turn it into your states business bureau. They will contact you right away if they fear the government will be snooping.

          • magenta5710563

            Re: TMobile Overcharges everytime

            Same situation I suspended my son's line they took upon themselves to reactivate the and have been charging me

            • bradgrant

              Re: TMobile Overcharges everytime

              TMobile flat out lied though and were simply trying to make sales. The entire Nov 2016 thing should be fully assessed because at least one associate rep went back for training.