Will 600 MHz be available in Western Washington on Olympic Peninsula soon?




    I have family that lives on the Olympic Peninsula west of Seattle (across the water) and coverage is either awful or non-existent in many areas


    I switched from my iPhone 6+ to the LG V30 when it came out because it is capable of 700 and 600 MHz band ranges, and I was hoping this would benefit my coverage, but it appears the network hasn't caught up with my smartphone in this area


    I keep looking at the cities getting 600 MHz to see if "Shelton, WA" or "Hoodsport, WA" are mentioned, but they're still nowhere to be found


    Either 600 MHz or 700 MHz would be great, just anything so I can get a signal when I visit my family!  Once I get north of Shelton on HWY 101 my signal disappears and there is absolutely no service - this is only halfway into my 1 hr drive to see the folks!


    I'm excited that these lower frequency bands will help people in rural areas get better coverage (or any coverage at all) but so far we haven't had any benefit from these technologies being rolled out.


    Also, my family *literally* has AT&T-contracted towers on both their properties outside of Shelton and Hoodsport, WA, and they all have AT&T because of it - it's the only company AFAIK that provides any signal in the area.  Is there any way T-Mobile would contract with these tower lessees in order to put their antennae on the tower?


    We.  Want.  Service!!! 


    Thank you

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