Cant view home cameras with T-Mobile iPhone but can with AT&T service.


    I no longer can view my home cameras from my iphone when on cellular. It works fine on wifi but will not work on T-Mobile cellular service.  To make this worse is I have a iPad with AT&T and that works fine with both wifi and on their cellular service. Cameras worked fine on iPhone until about 2 weeks ago. I also have two different apps with two different cameras and the same result on both. Works fine with AT&T cellular but won't work with T-Mobile cellular service. I spent about 2 hours with T-Mobile support chat and on the phone yesterday and at the end was told by the person that "oh yes its normal for people to be able to view on iPad but not phone and it only works on iPad because it's a iPad and not because it's AT&T". Clearly that is wrong. This USED TO WORK ON MY IPHONE with T-Mobile until weeks ago and now doesn't. I have been a T-Mobile customer for lots of years now and spend almost $250 a month on their services and if I can't get this resolved I will be moving to AT&T. What's the point of having home security cameras if you can't view them unless you are on wifi somewhere.  Please somebody help.

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