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LG V30 Official Pie


    The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?

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      • dc5fan

        1. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

        I have the V30, too. We're supposed to receive, but we have to wait. What I did was type out "Pie update for V30 T-Mobile". There is a lot of comments regarding LG, and it ain't pretty! From what I have read here the ball is in LG's court. Hope that helps.

        • dc5fan

          2. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

          Try contacting LG, and see what they have said. It would be interesting. Perhaps if you get a reply come back here!

          • magenta9324974

            3. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

            The Global version of LG V30 already has the Pie update, it was out this July, yet let's wait till the end of the month if we will get ours

            • dc5fan

              4. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

              I just sent an email to LG regarding this. Now I have to wait about 24 hours. I know that LG is S-L-O-W with updates, and has TERRIBLE Customer Service. I also researched the update , and most of the suggestions were in T-Mobile.

              • magenta9324974

                5. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                Thank you, waiting for their feedback then

                • dc5fan

                  6. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                  Just like a kid at Christmas, huh?

                  • snn555

                    7. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                    Software updates

                    The V30 isn't even in testing yet. However it may very well be and this page just has not been updated.


                    LG will tell you that T-Mobile has the update it should be working on it and T-Mobile will tell you they are waiting on LG to send it to them.


                    Still though I had Android pie beta on a Moto X4 in May last year and stable release the following August.  Definitely no one buys an LG with any hopes of updates, timely or ever.  There's really no sense in a flagship phone having to wait that long.

                    • magenta6790580

                      8. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                      snn555 wrote:



                      Definitely no one buys an LG with any hopes of updates, timely or ever. There's really no sense in a flagship phone having to wait that long.

                      Yep, don't buy LG phones if you care about timely updates.

                      • gramps28

                        9. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                        Moto is not the best for updates either , just ask the people who own the Moto Z Force.


                        They backed out of the Pie update.



                        • magenta6790580

                          10. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                          Agree, Moto not the fastest either.  Although, my X4's have been on Pie for quite a while now with regular security updates.

                          • snn555

                            11. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                            In my opinion the Moto X4 was probably just about the best Motorola phone ever created since Verizon's Moto Droids. Obviously Lenovo Google and Motorola are three different companies with different hands in different stages of all three of those but suffice to say no other phone in Moto's lineup has been supported like the X4 was.


                            That phone had it all. Despite the huge chin and forehead it had a decent camera and SOC also you can link up multiple speakers for true stereo surround sound which I have not found out on another phone to date. It worked on all carriers. and you could get it at Best buy for like 250 bucks slightly used or open box.  Last time I checked when I was looking at Best buy's unlocked phones they still have the X4 for sale for $400. I believe you could get it for 300 if you activated on Sprint AT&t or Verizon at the time of purchase but that phone has been for sale for a long time.  It also had great beta software opportunities and obviously was still being supported with the idea of Q coming when I sold it last February.


                            Motorola still makes pretty good phones at reasonable price points but I would only buy one if I was going to use it for a year and then either sell it or keep it for backup and then buy the new generation of the same series. For those prices people like me who buy OnePlus phones could buy one every year instead of one every two years.


                            I typically sell my phone before just trading it in for minimal chump change. Most all phones I buy have some sort of resale value.

                            • magenta6790580

                              12. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                              The X4 is a great phone.  You can get the Android One 64GB version for 200 at Amazon.

                              • dc5fan

                                13. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                                Several minutes ago I received a reply from LG about the V30 update to PIE. The bottom line : When LG releases it. The tech sent this : DOC-36701 . The page just has a bunch of info. I tried.

                                • tmo_mike_c

                                  14. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                                  I'll check with our software team to get a status on this device and come back here with a response. Thanks for posting.

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