Samsung S10 Invalid Sim


    Dear T-Mobile...


    I purchased a Samsung s10 a few months before, and I was using it on T-Mobile.


    now I came back to India and when I inserted the Indian SIM Phone says Invalid Sim.


    when I searched on Google about this, I came to Know its a Network Lock.


    I found an application named as Device Unlock, I opened and Tap on Unlock, Then it not Unlocks.


    then I searched online and found a few websites offering an unlock service for this problem.


    they asking money for that. but when I bought the phone, the executives said T-Mobile will unlock it if I requested.


    So, My Query is how to contact T-Mobile for this unlocking.




    Should I go for the Unlock service offered by third party websites?


    T-Mobile USA Device Unlock App - Official Device Unlock App


    Kindly do a reply and help me to fix this as soon as possible.

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