Coverage in Prairie du Chien, WI?


    Our starting point was Marion, Iowa, I turned on OpenSignal to report the stats on coverage. From Strawberry Point, IA we went north on Hwy 13 to Hwy 52, then to Hwy 18 to Prairie du Chien, WI.  No coverage nearly the whole way there.  I have a CAT S60(US model) phone and also tested an unlocked Motorola G (4th gen) to see if I could get any kind of service. Prairie du Chien is shown to have coverage(on their map), but both my phones could not get connected.   I know there is a gap, in coverage, from Strawberry Point to Osborne.  When I got back home, OpenSignal had shown that I had 6% network availability. Both the phones support all of T-Mobile bands, excluding band 66 and 71.

    Any thoughts?

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