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    I have a SyncUP drive and installed the app as well but it does not show the total data usage and neither the router config page (, so how can I keep track of the total data usage? also, with SyncUP drive phone number I couldn't setup an account as verification PIN goes to the syncup drive number and there isn't a way to retrieve it.  This restricts me from viewing my monthly bill, data usage/cap for the month and to reach out T-Mobile CSR through chat. Is there a solution to it?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: T-Mobile account creation

        Hey prazy


        We are going to need to get you set up with a TMo ID with your email address in order to get you access to your online account. Please give us another call when you have a moment and let them know you are needing access to your my.t-mobile account and you are unable to receive SMS on your syncup.

          • prazy

            Re: T-Mobile account creation

            Hi Chris,


            Thanks for your response. I just spoke to two different customer care rep over the phone and both could not able to setup an account for SyncUp drive without a voice line. I spent almost an hour explaining how I was told it can be done through email. Is there a specific team or support person that I can reach out to? I'm sure T-Mobile will have have an option to view data usage and bill for syncup drive only customer.