How to disable SMS notification when voice mailbox is full?


    I usually keep my voice mailbox full and I'll delete a few messages when needed, i.e. when I've put out job applications or resumes.


    However lately rather than tell the caller that my voicemail is full and saying thank you for calling, goodbye, it gives them the option "to send an SMS notification, press 5" and will keep repeating that option if they do nothing. It will only hang up automatically if they use that option, which results in me getting a text message from short code 129 stating "Please call 1234567890"


    As far as I know this never used to be an option, is there a way to disable it? All my friends and coworkers will send me a text if I don't answer, so I'd rather not have this feature.


    I did call my voicemail and search within the options but I didn't find anything.

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