How to set a port-out pin - is it the same as the T-Mobile ID PIN?


    I've read a few posts on this, but I can't find a definitive answer.


    Is the port-out pin the same pin that is listed under my T-Mobile ID section of my account profile in my account ( as the "PIN/PASSCODE"?  Or is the "PIN/PASSCODE" a pin just for verification when accessing my account and there is a separate pin for preventing porting of my phone number?


    This post implies that there are 2 pins (one for account access and another for port out):

    Port security PIN


    But this page (at the bottom under the "Port-Out Fraud Protection" section) implies that I can set a port out pin from my account:

    Account Verification | Customer/Authorized-User Verification


    Also, will setting one PIN on the account protect all the lines under my account or does each need a separate port-out PIN?



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