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    • magenta10170318

      120. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

      I just got it OTA!!!

      • cruz3039

        121. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

        Just got the update today.. finally!

        • newhere

          122. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

          I got mine Tuesday, OTA. I hadn't been notified yet, so I went into settings and used "check for updates". It downloaded right away.  All good so far, no issues.


          It looks like it was mainly LG holding this up.  After Pie started appearing overseas in July, it was apparently pulled due to bugs.


          Some internet searching shows US carriers releasing it recently.  First reported dates:


          Verizon:September 14
          US Cellular: September 26
          AT&T: October 2
          T-Mobile: October 7
          Sprint: Not released yet

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          • dc5fan

            123. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

            I just installed 9.0 in my V30! Now, the $640,000 question: When will T-Mobile's prepaid accounts (the step-children) have COMPLETE access to the T-Mobile app?

            • newhere

              124. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

              My question is how much longer will LG and T-Mobile continue updating this phone. I presume we should expect security updates for a while longer, but I wonder if it will ever see Android 10. Android Enterprise says 3 years of updates for this phone, and Android 10 is out, but given how long it took to get Pie, I wonder. Android 10 is supposed to distribute security updates through the play store. It would be very good to get to that, since LG and T-Mobile haven't been so good at getting out timely updates.

              • gramps28

                125. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                Personally , I don't see the V30 going past Pie but I do hope for 1-2 more security updates till my phones are paid off, finger crossed.


                As for the Android Enterprise that's a Google initiative not a manufacturer's one.The only lines of phones I see getting 3

                years of updates are the Google phones and possibly the OnePlus line


                If you look at the release and what phones are in it most are already DOA or will be when it comes to updates.


                Google launches Android phone recommendation program for businesses - The Verge

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                • dc5fan

                  126. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                  That I have no idea. I am in my late 60s. I use my phone mainly to play mp3s in my vehicles and any device that takes Bluetooth. I do have Pie in my V30, and from what I have seen the phone seems to work better. I really have some concerns about the T-Mobile app that prepaid customers don't have access.

                  • dc5fan

                    127. Re: LG V30 Official Pie

                    Gramps28's reply is spot on! He knows his stuff!

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