What is the best way to report coverage gaps to T-Mobile?


    Along my commute there are 2-3 stretches where coverage is consistently non-existent, I'm not sure how to best report these gaps to T-Mobile?  Can someone point me to a link or method?


    The most painful spot is an extremely busy state route which shows 'No Service' on my phone for about 1~2 miles -- this is the center of town which includes about 50 businesses including - the police & fire depts, my kid's pediatrician, the library, starbucks, half a dozen banks, and other commercial business. 


    It's the most painful gap for me because the traffic there alternates between stopped and walking-pace in the morning, so it generally takes about 15-20 minutes to travel that short 1~2 mi stretch during the morning commute, and during that time I have no ability to send/receive texts via CarPlay, or to listen to streaming media.  It's also rough because I've got a baby, we're at the pediatrician every 2-3 months for one thing or another, and we're early to an appointment and he's asleep I can't check work email, call my wife, or do anything that requires a connection until I'm in the doctor's waiting room and connected to their WiFi hotspot.


    There are tens of thousands of people in this area daily, many of them are likely T-Mo customers, so I have to assume this gap has been reported by others and I'd really like to add my voice to that chorus to say that this is bad enough that I've been considering switching carriers after having been w/ T-Mo since 2013.

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