Too many dead zones in Milledgeville, Ga


    I’ve been with T-Mobile twice in the past three years hoping for improvements and had to ditch them because of terrible indoor service here in Milledgeville, Ga. Our local hospital is located near downtown with a macro cell a quarter of a mile away with all national carriers except T-Mobile on it. Even outside there’s no coverage from Tmo at the hospital. I currently have Sprint and worry about what’ll happen when the networks are integrated. My problem was when I went indoors at home I would drop down to one bar 2g edge or no service when outside I had almost three bars of LTE on my iPhone X. I have to say that for a city with three colleges and approximately 45,000 people living here that T-Mobile needs to do better. Come on T-Mobile please invest more in this market. It makes no sense that even Sprint outperforms here when it comes to indoor coverage and cell density. There are so so many people here that will drop Verizon and AT&T in a heartbeat if T-Mobile had better service in our area. We’re tired of having only the greedy bell twins as our only good options. My question is when will there be upgrades for my city if any?

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