Loyalty & Change - Time to value customers (15 Year Customer!) :)


    I am surprised there are no loyalty benefits. Our family has been with Tmobile for 15Years. There is no Loyalty discount, credit and or benefits.


    Not asking for $0 down.... we can get that anywhere and everywhere.


    If a customer with 15 years' loyalty, is considered just a "member" with a "better" (seems similar to offering for new customer) level of service but no cost-saving benefits, then what is holding us from transferring to another career?


    The industry has been concentrated on obtaining NEW customers but NEVER on retaining customers. Primary competitors offer a similar monthly price and coverage, BUT to a NEW customer .


    That said, T-mobile! it may be time to look inwards and provide retaining customer / LOYAL customers benefits!!


    - 15 Year Loyal Customer

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