Really Frustrated - trade in


    I took advantage of the iphone trade in program a few weeks ago and was set to receive $700 for my 7 Plus. They did not have the phone I was trading to in stock but had it shipped to me. I was told I would receive a label to send in my old phone with the new phone. I did not receive a label, called, and was told I would have to go into the store to have them print it. After spending over an hour while they tried to figure out what happened (I was told there was some sort of outage on the day I bought my phone, but the gal remembered me and the situation) they were able to get someone to send me a UPS label to send my phone into the NRC (that is ALL I received, no other communication). I can see that my package was delivered a week ago and have still received no confirmation. I am getting really frustrated as now I've officially sent them my old device but there is no record of it at all what-so-ever. No idea what to do or who to contact at this point.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Really Frustrated - trade in

        It sounds like this hasn't been the easiest process for you for which I'm sorry to hear. I get why you feel uneasy about getting your trade-in credit, but it can take up to two billing cycles to start seeing the credits. You should be getting a confirmation of the device being received shortly, though. You may want to work with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter to have them take a look at your trade-in status.