T-Mobile General Care Support provided misinformation and messed up my plan - Need help/advice




    Last month, I reached out to T-Mobile Customer Service (Richmond center) to add a 3rd line. Since I am on a grandfather plan, the Customer Service rep told me that they can't add a 3rd line to my account, and that the only way to add a 3rd line is for for me to upgrade to the new Essentials plan. I declined because the costs of the Essentials plan did not make sense financially (my monthly bill will almost double by adding a 3rd-line).


    After I declined the upgrade offer, the Customer Service rep put me on hold and conferred with her supervisor. She came back and told me that since I've been a loyal customer for 12 years, they will honor my original (grandfather) plan. Her supervisor approved it. She will add a 3rd line for $20 more ($10 talk/text and $10 data). I was happy with this offer and told her to add a 3rd line to my account. I also bought a new iPhone 11 via T-mobile for the new line.


    A couple weeks later, I received the iPhone and activated the 3rd line. I checked my account and noticed that they didn't just added a 3rd line, they modified my plan to something different and the bill double. I called the same Customer Service rep and told her about the billing issue. She assured me that she'll correct the issue before my due date.


    Past forward to this past Friday, the Customer Service rep called me back and said that she was unable to get the price that we agreed upon at the start. She mentioned something about my original plan was identified by their account review team as an error, and that they changed the plan to correct the error in order to add a 3rd line. However, with the new corrected plan, they were unable to match the price we agreed upon a few weeks ago. I will have to pay much more than the $20 amount agreed.


    Since T-mobile didn't not fulfill their promise, I told the rep to cancel the 3rd line and revert my account back to the original grandfather plan. She again put me on hold and conferred with her supervisor again. She came back told me what they can't revert back to my original plan because the original plan was an error. She can only remove the 3rd line but the new price will still be $20 more than my original plan. Really!?


    Currently, I am stuck with these 2 options:

    1. Stay with the new 3-line plan for a price that we did not agree upon
    2. Cancel the 3rd line to go to a 2-line plan (but pay $20 more than my original grandfather 2-line plan)


    And oh, I purchased a new phone based on the information they provided as well.


    This is complete BS and terrible customer service. Any advice on what to do here? I debating if I should cancel my account or not. I feel like I am being baited out of my grandfather plan with false information. It's sad that they treat their customer of 12 years like this.



    - T-mobile customer service rep provided false information

    - Based on false information provided, I purchased a new phone and added a 3rd line.

    - T-mobile didn't honor the pricing agreed at the start

    - T-mobile didn't revert my account back to the original grandfather plan

    - I got baited out of my grandfather plan and forced to pay more

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