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Why did T-Mobile lie for two years about future 5g phones and band 71


    Hello I would like some clarification from those who may have more information.


    For the past two years T-Mobile support/sales has been saying multiple phones sold (in the last 2 years) (some examples pixl 3, lgv40, note 9, even v30) had band 71 support making them 5g ready when it was finally rolled out in your area.


    So I have been patiently waiting now for two years. Even last year on phone support being told how awesome the 5g was in Las Vegas.


    Flashforward to present December 2019 and the emails and texts and strange network issues all announced nation wide 5g!


    Cool so where is mine? Well as it happens the metro Detroit area is still not lit even though the tv stations cleared early and mid 2019.


    So I chat in to ask for a date and am instantly just told that only two phones support 5g right now ....two phones just released q4 2019.....what.


    So I do a quick search and find a post from November 2019 detailing how, "it looks like tmo will be segmenting band 71 and only allowing the lower end."


    Meaning.....TMobile sold us plans and phones for two years now claming they would be future 5g ready only to limit the spectrum and force us to buy new devices 2019/2020.


    What the absolute F ?

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