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messages via SMS gateway are not threading on iPhone.


    This bug was closed on the suggestion that senders manipulate a message to force MMS delivery:

    Text Message via Email

    That won't work in my situation. The unthreaded SMS messages, in my case, have been received and grouped properly on at least fifteen other Android phones and are know to work properly for iPhones on ATT and Verizon which leads me to believe the problem is with TMo's gateway and that Android has some built in workaround.


    This command:

    echo boo | mail -r " (Me)" -s important



    results in a text that reads:

    400-5 (me) / important / boo


    Because the 400-5 part is variable, my iPhone 11 pro will not thread. And yet, no other carrier is similarly affected.


    Please provide a better fix than "force MMS"

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