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    • alex86

      Hey cool unnecessary redundant information. I actually personally mentioned

      the body that sets 5g standards previously. The way tech has always

      been....is to make devices forward compatible with the exception of end of

      life products. Or ....bad products. Like I also previously mentioned in

      great detail with specific examples.


      The only false narrative or conspiracy here is that which you continue to

      press. Like a true spam artist.

      • scottaviously

        Alex86, you just venting brother?  What's your goal here?   

        • magenta3611636

          It happen to me just that way. I lost my past phone in a lake at the same time T mobile got the Lg V30 phones in and they claimed at the T Mobile store I went to that the LG V30 was the only 5g phone at that time. Said as soon as they flicked that switch I would have 5g. I got one for my wife. Why would these customer service people say it unless T mobile was telling them to say it. They get paid by the hour. They were doing what they were told and saying what they were told. I have been making my payments on this phone since. There is no way I do not feel scammed by T mobile. I called in and asked what they were doing to help their customers that this happened too . They offered to give me 6o buck for my last two payments. What a joke. I have been paying on this scam for 22 months and they want to let me off the hook for the last two months. I told them no thanks. GIve me a 5g phone like you told me I bought.I am just getting started t mobile. I know this is not just a few folks out there that were sold these phones for 5g..    Tim Crump

          • syaoran

            I think we all get it.  Magenta Man is BAD!  Someone said, in a store, that heard from his 20th cousin, twice removed, who is from Singapore, that his friend's cousin/wife tripped over a T-Mobile tumbler while wearing a magenta cape, flew at the speed of 5G into a Cox Cable van, woke up 12 hours later in urgent care in Bellevue, Washington, and heard a patient whispering to another patient that saw magenta stars after landing on his head when he slipped on a Metro flyer on his way to get ice cream.


            Happy T-Mobile Tuesday, everyone!

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