4G LTE booster showing Error Code E7

  • 15 November 2015
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Thanks for giving T-Force a shot. The folks on those social media pages are actual T-Mobile employees. Sending them a message should be enough to get their attention and have them look into this for you.

I also have the Error 7, which is how I found this thread. I had my 1st booster for almost 1 year and it went out and only a solid red light came on. I ended up having to exchange it. We are moving this weekend and I really need a booster at our new house. Very bad reception inside the house.

The new booster arrived Friday evening. Everything worked great!! Better than the first one. Saturday we had to go to the new house, so I decided to take the new booster to give it a test drive. I got 2 bars on the Window Unit and 8 - 9 on the Cell Spot! 😎   However, at some point I went to the room where the cell spot was and it showed something was wrong. So I went to the WU and had the 5 bars blinking. I unplugged it and left it unplugged for a while and tried again. But same thing. 😥

We went back home yesterday evening and I plugged it in again here. I thought maybe it was due to the registered address. But same thing here. Just blinking bars and that's when I saw the E and 7 on the Cell Spot and how I found this thread.

Now first of all ---- Thank you @tmo_mike_c ---- I reached out to the support on the Facebook page last night, like you suggested and I also linked this thread. Within 1 hr a Rep got back to me. The Rep was awesome! She was super nice and helpful. However, it wouldn't let her exchange it. She was not sure why the option was not available for me and she said she will get back to me on Facebook as soon as she gets it figured out.

A little while later she got back to me and said she will have to try this again this afternoon and will get back to me. Around 7pm EST she texted me back again and apologized and explained that the reason why it will not let her exchange it was because they had not received  the 1st box back. Ones they receive that back she can go ahead and process the exchange and overnight it. She said to reach out to them on Wed or Thu to see if it will let them do the exchange by then.

Funny thing ---- when I reached out to Tmobile support on the Tmobile site when my first booster died, the Rep was not able to do the exchange for me. Instead she had told me I would have to call a number or go to a store. We had it done at the store that time. But on the FB page they are able to do the exchange right there. How cool is that!!! So from now on when something is wrong I will reach out to FB support!

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Hey @silkez and thanks for getting in touch with me! 😊

We like to give you a great experience whether you call or use our social media channels. Sorry that hadn't happened, but I'm really glad you found us here and I'm super stoked that the folks on FB were able to help you get a replacement. Thanks for sharing your story!!!

I guess the real question is, will the replacement fix the error? Please post back and let us know either way. I have yet to find a solution.... Been almost 3 months.

I will definitely do that! 😊

But I also posted this experience with the FB Support because you mentioned that you were not sure if they were able to help on social media. I didn't expect much either, but gave it a try anyway and have to say they totally exceeded my expectations and were able to do more than the support chat on the actual Tmobile site. I do believe that different supports have access to different systems. Not sure how the FB support compares to the phone support.

Maybe you want to give them a try ... I should know more by mid next week when I have received the replacement and have it set up at the new house and I will let you know if it happened again.

Hi @ceglia

Sorry it took me a while to get back. So ..... the 3rd booster never came. When I asked them about the status if the 3rd box had been sent they usually said that it will be sent out soon. Then I was told that it had been sent and delivered. But when I asked for tracking, the tracking number was for the 2nd box, which was the one that had the error 7.

In the end, I sent the error 7 box back. So I had no booster box at my house. No need to have it sitting here if it's not working anyway. I wasn't going to worry about it at all cause the phone worked great in the house with the wifi calling. But now we had 2 internet outages and when that happens it's really bad cause we only have 2-3 spots in the house where we can get signal.

So today I called and they sent me a new box out. I got text confirmation and everything, so this time it should actually get here. 😀

Not sure if the system wouldn't let them send out a new one when I still had the 2nd box or what the issue was. It was just a big confusion.

So I should have it within the next 3 business days. Then we will see if the Error 7 will happen again or if it was something wrong with the booster box. Fingers Crossed.

I've been having the same exact problem. I am on my second E7 Box. So, I am following this thread for resolution. 

Just a quick update --- they sent me the wrong box. They sent the cell spot that only works while connected to the internet. So I had to talk to them again to get that exchanged, since we have great WiFi calling at the house, but I need a backup when there is an internet outage and the regular signal is very spotty. They took care of it right away on Friday evening and I should receive the other boxes sometime this week. Will be back to update then 😊

This is my final update.

So the right box came. I set them up and everything worked great. I had the window unit in my kitchen (in the spot where I have the best signal) and the 2nd unit in one of the back rooms. I had LTE in the back room and even did some test calls and everything worked great. But when I walked out the room it quickly dropped to No Signal. 😥 Weird. So I moved the boxes around to how I had the very first Error 7 box set up in the house. I got 4G in most areas between the 2 boxes. But within I say 30 minutes it started blinking and was back to Error 7. 😠 Ugh!!!

Chatted with TForce and they exchanged the box again. They didn't tell me what caused it. The best response was to make sure I had at least 1 bar and 3G, 4G, or LTE displaying on my phone. Now in the spot where I had received the Error 7, I don't think I get very good signal on my phone, but the box seemed to pick something up before I got the Error 7. I assume that it's just not enough and at some point the box just get's confused and fails and goes to E7?!

So I figured let's try it one more time and I just set it up where I know I have at least 1 bar and 4G.

The next day the new box arrived. that was FAST!!!! So I set it up in the kitchen --- since it had seemed to work there. The 2nd box in the back room. So I only had signal in the back room, which would have been fine with me since it's only for internet outages when we can't use wi-fi calling. The phones work great with Wi-Fi as long as we stay close to the house when we are in the yard. lol.

It worked for almost 24 hrs and then I first saw that the Window Unit's bars would go out and then 1 bar would come back on and it would go out again and back on. I moved the box slightly to the right to see if that helped and the 1 bar stayed on. However, the next time I looked at the box it was just blinking all green bars!!! I already knew what that meant and when I checked the 2nd box ----- sure enough: E7!!!! 😢

With that said: this was my 3rd box that got E7 in this house. I just came to the conclusion that there is just not enough signal in my area for the boxes to work. I will just send this one back and be done with it. We will try to pay these phones off over the next 2-3 month and then just switch to a provider that will work in my area. It's sad cause I really wanted it to work.

The odd thing is, that nobody seems to know what really causes the Error 7. If anyone ever finds out, I would love to know! lol. For now ---- I just assume that there is just not enough signal here where I live. Although on the road behind my house I get LTE, but my street is almost a dead spot except a small area a few steps outside our back door and that one spot in the kitchen.

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This is definitely one of the strangest instances I've seen with this error. I want to share my thoughts on what I've noticed. Some time ago, there was an update sent to these boosters that would remove that error and let you use it like normal. For devices that were stuck on that message, a replacement was sent and should have fixed this. Since this is still going on for you even after the replacement, my guess is that it's this location that's problematic. We don't want you to go but we also don't want you to keep doing the "song and dance" of changing out the booster either.

So this is a problem that was never solved?

I have this E7 as well and when I call support about it, all I get is a big waste of time. They know nothing about this conversation here that's for sure. After the first 2 wasted hours, they finally told me there was maintenance going on and this was the cause. I should try again in 8 weeks. Now 4 months later, they say there is no maintenance but I still have the E7 error. Isn't it possible there is a setting they use when doing the tower maintenance that blocks boosters and they simply didn't switch it back?

I bought the T-Mobile Cel-Fi because I have a lot of dropped calls at my house and I wanted to solve it fast. It appears I have wasted a bunch of money.

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Wow, this has been going on for a while for you @stevec2. There was some maintenance being done and an update that was pushed out but that was some time last year. Unfortunately, there's no setting you can change to get this error to go away. Powercycling and moving the device to another location is really the only way to get around this error. If that's been done, and the issue continues, our Care team would need to escalate this after you Community-2153 either by calling or messaging through our social media channels.

I tried live chat and phone calls. They try, but it sure seems like they don't have a clue what's going on. I'm trying Cel-Fi to see if they can help. They make the unit, so maybe they know something T-Mobile doesn't. It's worth a shot.

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Oh shucks. You're welcome to try the manufacturer. I'm curious what they would have to say. Have you run this by our T-Force team using the Facebook or Twitter links on that Contact Us link I posted? They're an awesome source as well and they may have another way to get this escalated for you. The great thing about reaching out to that social team is you can even link them to this thread so you don't have to repeat yourself. Either way, please keep us posted on the results. Thanks!

Well they said only the network operator that has disabled the system can fix this error. That would be T-Mobile in this case. Sounds like T-Mobile has switched the unit off during maintenance and has no way of turning it back on remotely? In any case, I will try your link.

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That's correct. This would be something T-Mobile would need to help with. I feel like the best way to get this resolved is having our T-Force folks take a crack at escalating this through our internal teams.

Ok, I did the T-force thing. For anyone reading, they are a bit slow with responding, so don't sit there and wait, just come back when you have time to see if there's a message for you.

Don't ever buy a T-Mobile Cel-Fi booster on your own like I did. When T-Mobile does an upgrade, they essentially neuter the thing and it's toast. There's no fix, or at least there isn't one that T-Mobile would like to share.

T-Mobile is sending me another booster for free, but I don't own it. If anything happens to it, I'll pay dearly (up to $400). It's about the only option I have, so I'm taking it. I'll report back when I get the new one and we'll see if it works.


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Wow, that's not good. I was under the impression you got the original one from us at the beginning. As I mentioned before, there was an update sent out to correct this error for folks but I'm not 100% sure if that would have impacted boosters that weren't received directly from T-Mobile. I don't think that would make much of a difference, but it's hard to say. I'm guessing T-Force may have been a little busier than normal when you reached out, so my apologies if it took some time to get back to you. I'm glad you're getting another booster and I appreciate you coming back to give us updates on how well it works for you.

Nah, I bought it online. After a bunch of dropped calls at home, I used my phone to google T-Mobile signal booster and found it for sale right away. I didn't even know if such a thing existed till the search.  For some reason you can buy a nib T-Mobile Cel-Fi booster for about $150, not through T-Mobile and it seemed like this would solve my problem in the quickest and easiest way. I just want anyone who's considering that to read this and don't do it!