4G LTE booster showing Error Code E7

  • 15 November 2015
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Switched to T-mobile last month. Got low signal or no signal inside the house so received a LTE booster . Worked fine for 3 week with 3 to 4 bars in the house. 5 days back saw Error code E7 on booster unit and all bars flashing green on window unit. Called in tech support and after 20 minutes he said he does not see any maintenance and notes that it is disabled. Second LTE unit is shipped over night and after plugging it on i start to get full bars like before. After 60 minutes second pair started to show E7 on booster unit and flashing green on window. Called tech support couple of times. Each having different answers , One says may be second unit is locked out also and other says may be software update is happening and there is no timeline when it finish. Has any one seen anything like this before ?


Website shows tis error for E7:-

Understanding the issue 

The Cel-Fi Signal Booster has been remotely disabled by T-Mobile for one of the following reasons:

  • Network maintenance
  • Service, capacity, or congestion problems
  • Security reasons

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Oh yikes @kkver‌! Going through 2 signal boosters is no bueno. With the error you're seeing, it normally has to do with maintenance going on with the service in your area. I know you've called before but have you contacted our Tech Support more recently to check on this?

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Oh yikes @kkver‌! Going through 2 signal boosters is no bueno. With the error you're seeing, it normally has to do with maintenance going on with the service in your area. I know you've called before but have you contacted our Tech Support more recently to check on this?

Same exact issue. On my second signal booster. Window unit flashes all 5 bars, coverage unit flashes E7.

Did you ever find a solution??  Thanks 

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Oh yikes @ceglia not you too. Okay, If you've already tried powering off both units and turning them back on, you'll want to Community-2153 and speak with Tech Support or hit up our T-Force team via the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ links below.

This could be stemming from tower maintenance going on in your area and either Tech or T-Force have the ability to check the sites in your area for any maintenance that may be going on. You can even have them reference DOC-84561 as it has some steps they'll follow to help further.

Exact same issue for me too....all 5 bars and LTE indicator flashing on window unit, and and E7 code on coverage unit. Is there a solution for this yet?

Did you find a solution to your problem? I have the very same issue that you are facing

there is no solution that i know of.  i spent two nights on the phone with tech support, and the tech couldn't figure it out... total joke.  he was supposed to call me back a third time, and never did.  I'm going to try contacting tech support again this weekend, but this is ridiculous.

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I see someone marked a correct answer.....but it doesn't seem to solve anyone's issue.......???

Thanks ceglia,

I can see a long week ahead of me, talking with tech support regarding this. I intend to follow it to its logical end, and I will keep you posted if and when I stumble on the solution.

Good luck... spent an hour on the phone today with two different tech specialists and one Customer Loyalty Specialist.  No solution yet, but my case has been elevated to senior technical support, and I should find out within the next 72 hours why my booster has been disabled (that's what the E7 error effectively means... that the device has been remotely disabled).

If you guys have any luck, please post back.  Thanks.

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@ceglia‌ you are correct about what that Error Code E7 means. This could be related to maintenance going on in your area or congestion on the cell sites. Based on what you're saying, a Service Request or Trouble Ticket was filed to have that investigated. This was the correct step to follow as this will help with having the sites in the area looked into.

It's definitely not maintenance related.  Three different techs checked that and there's no maintenance going on in the area.  I've been experiencing this issue since the beginning of December 2015, possibly earlier than that... but that's when I first noticed the issue.  No one seems to know why this is happening.  I hope to have some answers soon.

I live in the center of Los Angeles with several towers supposedly within a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile of my house, and I have no reception in my home.  It has been infuriating, particularly because I've lived in this apartment for 11 years, and have been with T-Mobile for over 15 years, and I've never had a need for a cell booster until 2015.  You'd think the service would improve, not degrade.

The fact that the device has been remotely disabled by T-Mobile, and no one seems to know why is also stunning.

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We don't want you to continue to be infuriated, but considering what you're going through, that's understandable to feel that way. I only mentioned maintenance as this is the most common cause behind the Code E7. This doesn't appear to be the case if this has been going on that long, but the great thing is that based one what you're saying about what happened with Tech, it's in the right hands to get this taken care of.

Just wanted to post back to report the COMPLETE LACK OF PROGRESS on this issue.

So as per my last post, back on January 16th, I spoke to a tech who told me my case had been elevated to senior technical support.  they were going to look into the matter and would report back in 72 hours.

72 hours came and went and, sure enough, no one called me with an update and the problem persisted.

I followed up with a phone call, spoke to another tech, supposedly more senior than any of the other techs i had spoken to before (every tech I've spoken to, about 5 now, has given me the same reassurance, that they are "more senior"), who pretty much confirmed that nothing had been done.  When she realized how long my issue had been going on and how many people had already tried to deal with my case, she elevated my case yet again and forwarded my call to another specialist.

This last guy assured me that he was THE HIGHEST LEVEL SUPPORT POSSIBLE.  no one was above him, he told me.  he supposedly had a direct line of communication with the field engineers.  he told me me he would be able to solve my problem, and he was now dedicated to my case.  i would no longer be shuffled around from tech to tech... i was now in his care, and he would now deal with my case until it was resolved.  i expressed my doubts, saying others had given me similar reassurances, and he asked me to give him a chance to prove that he could help me.  he sounded genuine, but i still had zero faith in the guy.  (i'm sorry, but this problem started in early december.... how was i supposed to believe that this guy was suddenly now going to make it all better?)

well, that was January 21st.  it's now february 7th, and guess what?  ZERO PROGRESS.  i've gotten periodic emails from the guy telling me the "engineers are working on it" but, i mean, it's just comedy at this point.  nothing's been done.  they probably spent all of 2-3 hours trying to figure this out, and are now hoping i'll simply go away.

i am so unbelievably disappointed in T-mobile.  I've been a customer for over FIFTEEN YEARS.  the thing that upsets me the most is the lies.  the reassurances that every tech has given me as if they are actively working on my issue... WHAT A TOTAL JOKE!  nothing is being done.  that is the truth.

I'm not going to go away.  at this point, i'm determined to see how long they're going to drag this out.

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Hey, I know this has been more than a hassle for you @ceglia‌ but I do have some new information. There seems to be a firmware issue and some of the signal booster are getting stuck on that E7 error. In your case, you'll need to have this device replaced in order to get that error to go away.

I'm already on my second device. Your telling me I'll need to get a third one? When was the new firmware issued? Can you verify what firmware is installed on mine based on the serial number? I don't really want to send another unit back for no reason.

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I understand not wanting to send it back but here's where we are right now. Since some folks have been getting the E7 error, there have rare cases it's been getting stuck on that message after normal troubleshooting. As of right now, I've received word that there should be a firmware update sent out by mid February to keep this error from showing up but the devices that are already showing the E7 message won't get it.

Can you verify what firmware is already installed on mine by checking the serial number?  Or is it listed on the device somewhere?

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Unfortunately no, I won't be able to check your current firmware. It won't be listed on the device either. There's no need to give me that information anyway. As I mentioned before, if the booster is stuck on the E7 error, the only way to fix it would be replacing it.

Interesting.  No other tech has ever talked to me about firmware.  If you don't mind, I'm going to contact the tech currently assigned to my case to see what he thinks because it's always a different story depending on whom I'm speaking to.  Besides, I'll need him to issue a return label and authorize the return.  I'll let you know what he says.

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For sure. Thanks for keeping me update. I'm wouldn't be completely surprised if you find some folks that aren't familiar with this. It's fairly new information, so some of our team may not know this off the cuff.

@tmo_mike_c‌‌, I emailed the tech assigned to my case asking for an update on February 7th.  He never got back to me, so I wound up calling T-Mobile today and eventually got through to the department he works in.  He was out today, but I spoke to a colleague of his.  I asked him if by any chance there was a firmware update for the booster, and he said no.  I told him that the T-Mobile support forum Community Manager (you) had told me that there was one, but not everyone knew about it, and I had him double-check.  He put me on hold, checked with his colleagues and tech team, and he confirmed there is no firmware update.  I asked him if there was a way for him to get in touch with you so that the two of you could share information, and naturally he said no.

So, here I am again, no solution.  You say there is a firmware fix, he insists there isn't one... I mean, this is just incredibly frustrating.  Has anyone had this issue and had it resolved?  Can I ask you where you got this information about new firmware?  Is there a document somewhere that I can forward to the guys handling my case?  Would appreciate any help.

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Oh geez, sorry this has been such a pain. I'm working with some internal contacts to see if we can get more "official" documentation so everyone can be on the same page. The firmware would only be sent out to devices that aren't stuck on that error so I imagine yours won't get that update. The tech rep you spoke didn't mention replacing the booster for you?

We talked about replacing it, but he noted that I was already on my second device, and he didn't want me sending devices back and forth for no reason.  So no, in the end he did not recommend replacing the device.

To be honest, I was on the phone with the guy for a long time, and he was incredibly nice and well-intentioned, but no real solutions were offered.  It was weird.

I happen to have a Personal CellSpot unit (still sealed in the original box) at my house that was sent to me a while back, and he mentioned that maybe, just maybe, the fact that I had two devices listed as active at my residence (even though I've only ever used the Booster) might somehow be creating an issue?  The thing is, I had the E7 Error issue long before ever receiving the Personal CellSpot, so in my view, that's not the problem.  In any case, seeing as there was no other solution being offered, and in an effort to just start ruling out possible issues, I agreed to send back the unopened CellSpot.

I highly doubt that's going to do anything, but that's where I'm at right now.  Waiting for the return label to arrive, then I'll send it back.  Then, once it has been received, re-assess where things stand.

If I give you the email address of the tech that's been helping me, would you be able to pass along your info to him?

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Wow, really surprising. I haven't received any word that this is due to having multiple coverage devices so I can't say that sending the Personal CellSpot back will get the error to go away. I may not need that reps email address. I have another group that could help a little further. Have contacted our T-Force team? It's worth a shot running this by them while you're waiting to send the device back. You can message them through the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ links below. You can even link them to this thread so they have an idea of what's going on. If I get any new information about how we're handling this error, I'll be sure to update this thread.

Yeah, I don't think the CellSpot has anything to do with it either... I think they're just out of ideas.

I haven't contacted the T-Force team.  I'll try that later.  Those sites seem like social media pages though... not sure I'm gonna find what I need there.