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Hi Everyone,



I am having a bit of an issue with my 4G LTE Cellspot ("mini tower") - It was working great for 2 weeks since I have signed up for service. Up to 3 days ago, our phones have stopped receiving the broadcast signal from the mini tower - because I will go from full bars of LTE to; 1 or 2 in LTE, or; 1 or 2 in 4G.


The tower itself gives no indication that it has issues, such as color combination. It gives all steady green lights.


I know for a fact it is not my iPhone 7 or any other devices in my account.


In order to remedy the issue, we have to power cycle the mini tower - maybe every 24 hours in order our phones to obtain the signal.


I did some playing around, and even though my tower is off - I did a "what's my ip address" it still gives me this weird looking IP.

It appears that I am connected to one of my neighbors Cellspot. (see attached)


Advice, suggestions, or anyone has the same problem?



My internet connection is 300 down and 30 up

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First - that's IPv6 address.  iPhones (new ones at least) are using it.

‌first off - that did not help.

WHy bother commenting?

I have three of these and one just failed. It was working fine for weeks, then just the power light would flash.  Your does show all lights I see.  Did you disconnect the power to the modem and then the router and power up the tower(cellspot)  last?

Do you have another cellspot you can try?

If you got it from t-mobile, they should be able to give you a new one.  If you lived in Southern NJ I would let you try a spare I have.

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I was commenting on your 'it gives me a weird looking IP'.  The IP is not weird looking.

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T-Mobile gave me one of those mini cell routers (extenders), I was going to use it for trips to places like Big Bear where service can be shoddy at best (had only 2G last time I was on the west side of Bear Lake).   Only used it once to 'test' to see if it works.  T-Mobile has a 'newer' model (might be the one you have) which uses house based Internet for service vs. boosting outdoor service.  The one I have is labelled '4G LTE Signal Booster Personal Cell Spot'


The above is what you have, correct?

If so, I had one fail.

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That's different than the one they sent me.... I have Community-2469

What you have is a 2 piece signal booster. It isn't the mini tower.

If you have a broadband router in your house, you should ditch the 2 pcs you have for the actual mini tower that uses internet to create a signal. It works much better.

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It probably does, however, they sent me this one, as I'd be using it in locations that do not have broadband.

Similarly, I have decent service at home - 40-60Mbps on band 4, signal at its weakest is -107dBm.  The cell tower is 1300' away (colocated with Sprint)

Google Maps

Fortunately, they have a few more locally - another cell site is 3100' away

There are 2 more 1 mile away (northwest and southwest) and another 1.1 miles southeast

Another one, 4800' north, and lastly another 1.5 miles north-northeast.

I have little issue with locations in my suburbia.

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Hey @adelga20‌ - sorry to read about the trouble with your CellSpot!  Did you have any luck with the power off/on sequence that @ritch provided, or are you still stuck connecting to your neighbor?

- Marissa

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Just checking in to see if you still need any help. Please reply back and let us know if you were able to get this working.